[rfk-dev] I'll make a new vanilla NKI list

Peter A. H. Peterson pedro at tastytronic.net
Mon Nov 5 07:38:17 PST 2012

Quoting Leonard Richardson:
> My new list is attached. I've gotten up to a round 700 NKIs; new ones
> begin on line 616. I replaced a few NKIs with similar suggestions that
> were better (e.g. "You've found... Oh wait, that's just a cat." ->
> "It's a cat. Are you too late?"), but it's mostly brand new NKI from
> the community, slightly edited by me.

Great -- thanks for doing this.

> This NKI list is approximately the size of the old master list (700
> vs. 730) and IMO will make for much more interesting games. 

Agreed. It's fun to be surprised.

Peter A. H. Peterson
Graduate Student Researcher
Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research
University of California, Los Angeles

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