[rfk-dev] I'll make a new vanilla NKI list

Leonard Richardson leonardr at segfault.org
Thu Nov 1 05:49:19 PDT 2012

As the original author of robotfindskitten I'd like to offer my
services in creating a new NKI list for vanilla. I will take the
current list, the list from the Inform port, any other lists from
other ports, new suggestions from anyone, and new NKIs of my own
invention. I will come up with a unified list that I think embodies
the spirit of robotfindskitten and contains a balance of different
kinds of NKIs.

If you like this idea, I'll work on this over the weekend. If you have
any suggestions for new NKIs or NKIs to exclude, send them to the list
and I'll handle them all at once.

I would like your opinion on approximately how many NKIs should be in
the list. There are about 740 in the big vanilla list. There are about
200 that were added to the Inform version, but spot checks indicate
most of those are also present in vanilla. Should we aim for more like
700, or more like 1000? Should we go big or prune it down?

Two other comments on recent threads:

1. I think the "crushed the simulation" message should be a slight
variant on one of Harry's suggestions:

"You crushed the simulation. Robot never fulfilled its function."


"You crushed the simulation. Robot never found kitten."

IMO robot and kitten should never take definite articles.

2. Regardless of how the NKIs are merged, I'd like to omit the "Clang"
NKI from vanilla. The NKIs are deliberately ambiguous and presented in
a context-free way. I don't want a kid thinking rfk is calling them
the same name their bullies use.


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