[rfk-dev] androidfindskitten

Peter A. H. Peterson pedro at tastytronic.net
Wed Jun 3 08:51:13 PDT 2009


Way to go! Sorry I didn't see this sooner... I've been pretty busy
lately and neglecting my rfk-dev duties. Would you look at the
submission page on the rfk site and send me the necessary junk to be
added to the repository? Thanks.

Quoting Lajcik:
>      Additionally: this will have the possibility of pulling Message updates
>      off the World Wide Web. Is there a good source of NKI Messages that I
>      could poll without hurting servers?

Hmmm... well, I don't imagine that rfk on the Android is going to
cause the Internet to crash, so I think it would be appropriate to set
something up like nki.robotfindskitten.net. Everybody seems to think
the Internet is the future, so maybe we should finally switch over
from this dialup BBS.

How do we forsee this happening? I'd definitely prefer it as an update
mechanism, not a "download the whole nki blob" thing. If we gzip it,
it's really not going to take much bandwidth or space at all. 

>    However - im running a js/dhtml version of rfk at
>    [2]http://robotfindskittenonline.org/ also with support for different nki
>    sets and nki submission so if youd be interested maybe we could do
>    something like that - a central nki repository of some sorts. Or I could
>    write some scripts so that you could pull nkis from my site in one way or
>    another. A repository would be really cool. Id be happy to hear your
>    thoughts on this one :)

Maybe we can come up with a spec for rfk message management and people
can choose where to get their updates. The message set at
robotfindskitten.org will remain the "official" packaged set of NKI,
while Lajcik's could be bigger but might be more "alpha". I am
definitely open to some kind of automated NKI submission form, etc.
here at robotfindskitten.org but won't have the time to think about it
for at least a few weeks.


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