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On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 5:51 PM, Peter A. H. Peterson
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> How do we forsee this happening? I'd definitely prefer it as an update
> mechanism, not a "download the whole nki blob" thing. If we gzip it,
> it's really not going to take much bandwidth or space at all.
> (...)
> Maybe we can come up with a spec for rfk message management and people
> can choose where to get their updates. The message set at
> robotfindskitten.org will remain the "official" packaged set of NKI,
> while

An update mechanism is definitely better than fetching a whole blob each
time there's an update.

Heres some loose thoughts while the notion its still fresh in my head :)

Updates mean versions, so we could go along the lines of svn for example.
Theres a global version number, bumped each time any changes are made. Every
time a nki is modified its own version would be updated to reflect the
global version when the change took place. This way a client would request
an update from version x to the latest version and in response receive all
nkis witch were updated or created after version x.

If there's packages then a separate list for packages should be maintained
(simple - like id, name, version) for the sake of keeping stuff organized.

So to recap a nki would contain
* the message
* package (or packages?) it belongs to
* a 'last modified' version number
* some unique id to identify it by
* propably some other fields like author and so on

However i dont really have an idea how such updates would be carried out.
Maybe each time anything is modified the version gets bumped, but then we
end up with lots and lots of updates that contain a single
modification/addition. Or they could be grouped together to roll out a
numbered 'release' when the person in charged feels hes finished with the
update. But that feels like a hassle, maybe we could come up with something
simpler that suits our needs.

Ok, this message is starting to become too long so ill leave it at that for

> Lajcik's could be bigger but might be more "alpha".

To be honest there hasnt been much activity, mostly i added a handful of my
own nkis when i thought i had a good idea and thats it. But still its a
start :)

> I am definitely open to some kind of automated NKI submission form, etc.
> here at robotfindskitten.org but won't have the time to think about it
> for at least a few weeks.

Im glad youre liking the idea :) Having a centralized submission/repository
system would really be a blast. I can help with coding when this thing gets

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