[rfk-dev] MTA configuration error -- extending comment period

Peter A. H. Peterson pedro at tastytronic.net
Mon Oct 3 11:15:50 CDT 2005

Hi everyone, 

I recently changed MTAs on flynn, and owing to an errant /etc/aliases
entry, all mail to rfk-dev has been rejected just about since I opened
the comment period for the new rfk sourcecode. No one has emailed me
privately to complain, but out of fairness I will be extending the
comment period until next Wednesday night, October 12th, at midnight.
Voting will begin Thursday, October 13th and will continue through
Sunday the 16th. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please get involved with helping to decide the future of the POSIX
port. Apart from a few minor comments, no one has said anything either
for or against Alexey's rewrite of robotfindskitten. I am not
personally invested either way in what decision we make, but I don't
want the decision to be made by apathy. Are you in favor of accepting
the new code? Against it? Why?

As stated in my earlier email, actual voting on the code change will
be by recognized developers (of any port to date) and will be a silent




Peter A. H. Peterson, technician and musician.
 ---=[ http://tastytronic.net/~pedro/ ]=--- 

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