[rfk-dev] comment period for new source code

Peter A. H. Peterson pedro at tastytronic.net
Wed Sep 14 15:52:57 CDT 2005

I'm going to "officially" open the floor to comments about Alexey's
new robotfindskitten source code. So far, only two people have
actually commented on the source (with some of those comments being
addressed by Alexey). At some point, we need to make a democratic
decision about what to do -- stick with the old code, or adopt the new

I'd like to set the "official" comment period at 3 weeks -- between
Wednesday, October 5th and Sunday, October 9th, I'd like to have
devteam members (those who have contributed a port or who are
subscribed to this list *as of today*) email me with votes as to
whether we should adopt the new code or keep the old code. I'll keep
the votes private, but announce the results to this list. For fairness
sake, I will send a copy of the votes to Jeremy Penner (an active
poster and impartial), but I think we should make it a "silent vote"
unless the majority feels otherwise.

I'd like to invite people to make their comments to this list; this
gives Alexey (or others) an opportunity to address or fix the code as
it relates to the comments. If there are issues with the old code, you
are invited to respond to and fix them as well.

Please don't let this decision be made by apathy -- unless you
actually don't care.

Some things to discuss:
1. What do we gain/lose by moving to the new code base?
2. What do we gain/lose by leaving the old code base?
3. What is right/wrong with the new code base?
4. What is right/wrong with the old code base?

Alexey, you might be the most qualified person to start talking about
those questions, since you wrote the new code in response to the old

I'd like to get this settled so we can move forward!


Peter A. H. Peterson, technician and musician.
 ---=[ http://tastytronic.net/~pedro/ ]=--- 

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