[rfk-dev] Change NKI: Conan O'Brian, sans jawbone.

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Wed Oct 31 10:39:00 PDT 2012

Peter A. H. Peterson <pedro at tastytronic.net>:
> Change: Conan O'Brian, sans jawbone.
> To: It's the jawbone of an ass.
> Rationale:
> Conan O'Brien is misspelled; it's a strange one-off, largely US pop
> culture reference, and I don't understand why he is missing his
> jawbone. 
> If you don't know who Conan is, it seems like a vanity NKI.
> If it's a reference to a different jawbone of an ass NKI, that NKI
> doesn't exist. (Until now.)
> I propose morphing the current one into said jawbone.


Request: When you change NKIs, please comment them out in place and add the
modified versions to the end of the file.  Makes it easier to tell which
ones were in which versions.
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