[rfk-dev] i'm in my underwear at school

Leonard Richardson leonardr at segfault.org
Fri Oct 26 11:55:51 PDT 2012

Making a rare appearance, on request...

> This sounds fine to me, but I'd really like to hear from Leonard or
> someone else who has been around a while before you put more work into
> it. Are we cool with moving ahead on our 7 year old plan? :}

I took a brief look at Alexey's code just now, and I re-affirm my
desire to go ahead with that ancient plan. Assuming I voted on it in
the first place.

> Also, as far as the git hosting question goes... what do people think?
> I really don't have a lot of experience with what would be best for a
> public project.
> Should we just host the master branch at robotfindskitten.org and
> have trusted users apply patches locally? Ryan Finnie, the Debian
> maintainer already has a shell account here, so that's not a problem.
> (And as you know, our release rate is low.)

My preference is to self-host if possible. But as with pretty much any
RFK decision, I'm happy to go along with whatever is most useful for
everyone, or whatever is the least work for the people doing the work.


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