[rfk-dev] identity crisis

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Fri Oct 26 02:48:31 PDT 2012

Here's the mapping I presently have set up for CVS developer names to
git IDs.

dgriffi = David Griffith <dgriffi at sourceforge.net>
i0lanthe = Bridget Spitznagel <i0lanthe at sourceforge.net>
monkeymaster = Crack Monkey <monkeymaster at sourceforge.net>
npickett = Neale Pickett <npickett at sourceforge.net>
rubiconx = rubiconx <rubiconx at sourceforge.net>
shazdeh = George Moffitt <shazdeh at sourceforge.net>
sneakums = Paul J Collins <sneakums at sourceforge.net>
unclepedro = Peter A. Peterson II <unclepedro at sourceforge.net>

If you would like the form of your name or your email address to
be different, please so inform me.  If you have a canonical home
address that you use on other projects, you probably want to use it
here as well, so that Ohloh's cross-site statistical tabulations 
will correctly identify you.

Can anyone identify rubiconx?
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