Leonard Richardson leonardr at segfault.org
Fri Nov 2 05:59:30 PDT 2012

Thanks for all the feedback. In general, I'm fine with keeping any
particular NKI that people are attached to.

These three are still present; I replaced them with slightly different NKIs:

3. A stegosaurus, escaped from the stegosaurusfindsrobot game.  It finds
4. A team of arctic explorers is camped here. **
6. It's a cardboard box full of 8-tracks.

("A stegosaurus, escaped from stegosaurusfindsrobot.  It finds you.", "A
team of Arctic explorers is camped here.", "It's a cardboard box full of
8-track tapes.")

I'd replaced #5 with "A flyer advertising a big sale on flyers.", which I
think is funnier.

I've restored the rest of Pedro's suggestions, as well as 'A scrap of
parchment bears the single word, "meow".' (I didn't remove "Haven't you
touched this thing before?"; I just changed it to "Haven't you touched this

I removed "Caffeine." from the NKI that was too long.

I incorporated Michael's NKIs and most of Steve's. ("Two vast and trunkless
legs of stone." really is great.) We're now at 658.

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