[rfk-dev] Inform NKIs

David Griffith dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu
Thu Nov 1 11:25:04 PDT 2012

Here are the NKI's I wrote for the Inform edition of robotfindskitten:

It's the Golden Banana of Discord!
The Inform Designer's Manual (4th edition)
A packet of pipe cleaners.
It's Andrew Plotkin plotting something.
A half-eaten cheese sandwich.
Clang, clang, clang goes the tranny!
A family of integrals is here integrating.
A tuft of kitten fur, but no kitten.
A bottle of oil! Refreshing!
A shameless plug for Frotz: http://www.cs.csubak.edu/~dgriffi/proj/frotz/
Clifford Stoll is here selling Klein bottles.
You found the marble in the oatmeal!
An empty Altoids tin.
An empty Penguin Mints tin.
So, THAT's what an invisible barrier looks like!
A cluster of cattails are growing here.
A discarded bagpipe chanter reed.
Big Bird is here looking for Mr. Looper.
It's a Linux install CD.
You found Puppy! Too bad this isn't "robotfindspuppy".
Several meters of cat5 cable.
A scrap of parchment bears the single word, "meow".
A puddle of chocolate sauce.
Your pal Floyd is here and wants to play Hucka-Bucka-Beanstalk.
Someone is talking to Ralph on the big white phone here.
'Twas brillig in the slivey-toves...
Darth Vader is here looking for his Teddywookie.
A baboon with a bassoon hoots angrily at you.
Catsup and Mustard all over the place! It's the Human Hamburger!
Gibble, Gobble, we ACCEPT YOU ...
A rancid corn dog.
It's a tribute to fishnet stockings.
A jar of Vegemite is playing hopscotch here.
Nipples, dimples, knuckles, NICKLES, wrinkles, pimples!!
A bottle of hair tonic.
A packet of catnip.
Here's Cal Worthington and his dog "Spot"!
It's Uncle Doctor Hurkamur!
Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats!!!
An overturned bottle of ink and lots of kitten pawprints.
A flyer advertising a sale at Spatula City.
A 540Hz tuning fork.
A 3-inch floppy disk.
Seargent Duffy is here.
A ball of pocket fluff.
A 3-sided Monty Python record.
A Sanrio catalog.
A scratching-post.
An ice cube.
Just a cage of white mice.
You've found Harvey, the Wonder Hamster!
A jar of dehydrated water.
Just some swamp gas.
A bowl of cherries.
A sign reads "Don't step on the Mome Raths".
Dirty socks.
"Dogbert's tech support, how may I abuse you?"
A radio hisses away. Kitten must have been here.
"Kilroy was here"
"Plexar was here"
"Kibo was here"
It's the cork to someone's lunch.
A piping-hot pizza. Useless.
Diogenes is here demanding whisky.
The Monolith of Spam towers above you.
"Meow meow meow meow..."  How discouraging! It's only a recording.
Marvin is complaining about the pain in the diodes down his left side.
Mr. Kamikaze and Mr. DNA are here drinking tea.
Rene Descarte is whistling a happy tune here.
Ooh, shiny!
It's a giant slorr!
A ketchup bottle (nearly empty).
A large pile of rubber bands.
A ton of feathers.
This nonkitten may contain peanuts.
A tree with some jelly nailed to it.
Ah, the skirl of the pipes and the rustle of the silicon...
You found Parakeet! Too bad this isn't "robotfindsparakeet".
A ball of yarn.
A big chunk of frozen chocolate pudding.
There is no tea here.
An automated robot-doubter. It doesn't believe in you.
A plastic model of Kitten.
It's Yorgle, the Yellow Dragon.
It's Grundle, the Green Dragon.
It's Rhindle, the Red Dragon.
An old pattern is here going on and on.
TV says donuts are high in fat.
It's a pool with a straw in it.
A singing frog. Useless.
It's a funky beat!
A tiny ceramic Kitten. It's probably not the Kitten you're looking for.
An oven mitt with kittens on it.
An empty coaxial cable spool.
Billions and billions of things that aren't Kitten.
99 bottles of beer are on a wall here.
Hydraulic fluid and jagged metal bits. You recoil from the scene of carnage.
A bobolink is twittering a happy tune here.
A blank deposit slip.
What's that blue thing doing here?
A travel-sized cyclotron.
A largish bath towel.
You found Chinchilla! Too bad this isn't "robotfindschinchilla".
A meerkat... not even close.
A green yo-yo.
A hairless rat.
Bright copper kettles.
Ten yards of avocado-green shag carpet.
A zorkmid coin.
It's Babe Flathead's favorite bat.
It's cute like a kitten, but isn't a kitten.
A cyclops glowers angrily at you.
A discarded pop bottle.
Definitely not Kitten.
A mouse.
A troll. Ewww!!!
A tube of white lithium grease. Perfect for your robotic joints.
Talcum powder.
A breadbox. Nope, Kitten isn't in the breadbox.
An unlicensed nuclear accelerator.
A sub-atomic particle languishes here all alone.
A bowling ball with the name "Bob" inscribed on it.
A briefcase filled with spy stuff.
Is that an elephant's head or a winged sandal?
Bibbidy bibbidy bibbidy bibbidy bibbidy bibbidy...
A tube of toothpaste. Too bad you have no teeth.
This isn't the item you're looking for.
A discarded refrigerator box. Nope, Kitten isn't in the box.
A paper shopping bag. Nope, Kitten isn't in the bag.
A flyer reads, "Please donate hydraulic fluid"
A dangly thing mangled by Kitten.
A crouton.
A patch from the Mammoth Caves.
A leather pouch filled with multisided dice.
A pair of combat boots.
A pile of coconuts.
A big bass drum bearing a hole and suspicious clawmarks.
It's a clue!
Long lost needle nose pliers.
A vase of roses.
A crystal ball. It doesn't seem to know where Kitten is.
It's Princess Leia, the yodel of life.
Sigmund Freud is here asking about your mother.
BURRRRP!!!! Flavorful and full of protein!
A jar of library paste.
These aren't ordinary beans. They're magic beans!
Some sort of electronic handheld game from the 1970s.
Just some glop of some sort.
A bottle of distilled water.
A rusty slinky. It was such a wonderful toy!
Some coconut crabs are milling about here.
Dancing cold water pipes. Mikey must have been here.
Ash is mumbling "KLAATU BARATA NI<coughcough>" here.
It's a blob of white goo.
It's a cookie shaped like a kitten.
It's Professor Feedlebom.
A bottle of smelling salts.
An Enfield Mk3 rifle.
An M16 rifle.
An M1911A1 pistol.
An M9 pistol.
It's a gun of some sort.
An FN-FAL rifle.
An old rusty revolver.
An AK-47 rifle.
An AK-97 rifle.
A Remington 870 shotgun.
It's a NetBSD install CD.
It's a recursive recursive recursive recursive recursive...
It's Brian Kernigan.
It's Dennis Ritchie.
It's nothing in particular.
Just a box of backscratchers.
An expired transistor.
A steam-powered bunnytron.
Heeeeeeeeeeeeres Johnny!
It's a catalog from some company called Infocom.
A dark-emitting diode.
A 256 kilobyte write-only memory chip.
A box of brand-new nixie tubes.
Alien underwear.
A sack of hammers.
A sack of wet mice.
A sack of doorknobs.
A rusty melon-baller.
An atomic vector plotter.
You really don't want to know what this is.
A 100 meter long chain of jumbo paper clips.
A cockatoo shrieks at you.
It's Mary Poppins!
A slightly-used smellovision set.
Doodles Weaver is here looking over a horse race schedule.
An overflowing bit bucket.
It's a hairy-armed hitchhiker!
A wolf wearing a nightgown is in bed here.
A gecko zooms about on a skateboard here.
A hovercraft full of eels is parked here.
A waffle iron is here and it's still hot.
A huge pile of pancakes.
A threadbare tweed suit.
A rusted safety pin.
A model of a twin-hulled sailboat.
A jar of lemon curd.
"We interrupt this Zen Simulation..."
A sealed tin bearing only the word "yummy".
It's a groat coated with pocket fluff.
You find an Atari 2600 game cartridge with no label.
A child's drawing of a kitten.
It's a small bouncy creature, but obviously not kitten.
It's an unknown area code.
A bottle of ammonia.
Tweeting birds.
It's a rapidly oscillating function.
A dogcow moofs at you.
A puddle of purple semi-gloss latex paint.
It's a merry-go-round (broken down).
The pants that Curly died in.
A vanilla pudding pop.
It's Jesse James' severed hand and it's still moving.
It's more money than you'll ever need.
A tiny robot scuttles across the floor.
Chunk is here doing the truffle-shuffle.
Data is here setting up some booty traps.
A waterlogged grand piano.
One liter of fuming nitric acid.
A gold-dipped rose.
Bronzed baby shoes.
An electric engraving pencil.
A small, featureless, white cube.
It's a battery-powered brass lantern.
It's an elongated brown sack, smelling of hot peppers.
A glass bottle containing a quantity of water.
It's a blob of red goo.
It's a blob of blue goo.
It's a blob of yellow goo.
It's a blob of green goo.
It's a blob of orange goo.
It's a blob of purple goo.
It's a blob of black goo.
It's a blob of brown goo.
A Scooby Snack! Yay!
A squirrel contentedly gnaws on a sprinkler head here.
Snacky things.
A toupee.
Seat cushion fluff.
Jacket fluff.
Haven't you touched this thing before?
It's a copy of the Book of Found Kittens.
It's a nasty knife.
It's a grue. Fortunately, they don't like to eat robots.
It's a phone book for the 661 area code.
A tiny velvet pouch.
Brass tacks.
It's a rotating potato.
Leave that thing alone!
It's the mark of the beast!
A tube of heat sink grease.
A dead battery.
A pile of irrigation valves.
A stony meteorite.
An iron meteorite.
It's a fragment of an old Russian spacecraft.
A large block of dry ice.
It's a Commodore 64 computer (in mint condition).
It's an Apple II+ computer (in mint condition).
It's a Kaypro II portable computer.
It's a Texas Instruments TI-89 graphing calculator.
It's an Atari 800 computer.
It's an Amiga 2000 computer.
An oddly familiar face shouts "SCREWTEK!" from this computer monitor.
It's an Osborne portable computer.
It's a nameless MSX computer from Japan.
A vacuum cleaner appears to have exploded here.
It's a model of a catamaran.
A cardboard box of sheet metal screws.
A brown glass vial labeled "tincture of iodine".
Just some sort of cat toy.
It's a large pile of crumpled notepaper.
You've found the decoy kitten!
It's a pile of wine corks.
A neat pile of plastic irrigation pipe.
It's one of those carpet-covered things for cats to climb.
This thing appears to be an ancient Roman breastplate.
A claymore.
An unripe orange.
A toy zeppelin.
It's a bucket of mud.
It's a bucket of water.
A clay pot with grass growing it in sits here.
A discarded envelope chewed by Kitten.
A hollow voice says "Fool!"
Several hackles are here and they appear to be up.
Just some spite.
There is a small mailbox here.
A large oriental rug.
It's an elvish sword of great antiquity.
A large coil of rope is here.
You've found a speed bump.
It's a whirly thing of some sort.
An empty Slurpee cup.
This is a disaster area.
A small box of fishing weights.
A street map of the city of Anaheim.
Bits of red construction paper are scattered all about.
You won't believe what this is.
A meat-scented air-freshener on a string dances in the breeze.
A intact clay pigeon.
Pieces of broken clay pigeons are scattered all about.
This looks like a skateboarding arcade video game.
It's a steaming bowl of homemade gnocci.
An electric fan lies on its side here.
It's something fizzy.
A hickory stump.
This tiny barbecue is spotlessly clean.
A saucer of milk, untouched by Kitten.
Insane laughter issues from this vibrating shipping crate.
Haven't you checked here already?
Just some rusted lug nuts and an ancient hub cap.
A rusty crowbar.
A post hole digger is stuck in a pile of dirt here.
It's a spade.
It's the Queen of Hearts! "Off with their heads!", she shouts.
An assortment of highly-nutritious vegetables.
A dead click beetle.
A roll of scratch-and-sniff stickers.
A roll of duct tape.
Someone dropped a cheap ballpoint pen here.
Someone dropped an expensive fountain pen here.
You've found the Gingerbread Man!
You've found the Stinky Cheese Man!
This looks like an umbrella turned inside out.
3.14159... Pi is all over the place here...
You almost mistook this meatloaf for Kitten.
This drawer is full of dried out rubber stoppers.
A flask of hydrochloric acid is here.
Why are you bothering that old man instead of finding Kitten?
It's a hyperkinetic rabbity thing.
A dog dressed in a cheap suit is here.
"Help me Robot! You're my only hope!"
You found Budgie! Too bad this isn't "robotfindsbudgie".
It's a sleeping lion.
It's an example of the infamous space-cadet keyboard.
You find a random assortment of dots and dashes.
Nothing but some scribbles in crayon.
It's a week-old baloney sandwich.
It's a red stapler.
It's a red staple-remover.
It's a "Wicked Tinkers" CD.
You see a rhinestone-studded dog collar, but no dog.
It's a box of lox.
It's a box of pinball machine parts.
You've discovered an enormous pile of socks.
It's a photograph of Kitten.
It's a copy editor, reading aloud from the Associated Press Stylebook.
Kitty kibble is scattered all about.
A bartender growls, "No robots allowed!"
It's a Franklin Ebookman.
It's a child's kitten pull-toy.
"I'm Speed Racer and I drive real fast!"
"I drive real fast. I'm gonna last."
"I'm a big pirate and I like to steal!"
"I like to steal and I like to kill!"
"I'm a Barbie doll but I've got brains!"
"I'm your doctor and here's the bill."
Go! Go! Go, Speed Racer!
It's a Boeing 777 airliner.
Someone is taking time out for fun here.
You see a street lamp and a lamplighter here.
A broken cricket bat.
It's a mint-condition IMSAI 8080 computer!
A hollow voice says "xyzzy".
Wimpy is here asking for a hamburger.
You found Olive Oyl!
It's Popeye!
Bluto is here looking for Olive Oyl.
"Et tu, Brutus?"
The bodily remains of a Roman emperor.
Yay! It's a hoola hoop!
The Smart Patrol is here.
It's an old sandal.
It's a feather duster.
It's a zipper.
It's an old crumhorn with a broken reed.
A sticky old cough drop.
A jar of buttons.
A bearded dragon lizard is sitting here.
A garden toad.
A garden gnome.
A garden weasel.

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