[rfk-dev] Change NKI: Kitten is the letter 'Q'. Oh, wait, maybe not.

Benjamin Molitor b.molitor at gmx.net
Thu Nov 1 08:23:14 PDT 2012

Star Simpson schrieb am Donnerstag 01 November 2012 um 03:54:
> As a counterpoint, I totally love this NKI, specifically because it breaks
> the 4th wall.  What is RFK except gently and delightfully meta-humorous?

this. For me, the first proposed change ('A hastily scribbled note reads: 
"Kitten is the letter Q!"') does this best - the first half sucks me deeper 
into the narrative, conveying the rfk-typical sense of wonder and discovery 
(or, you know, whatever), and then the second half breaks the 4th wall rather 
jarringly, which I like much better than trying to preserve the narrative 
style ("hides under" or so).


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