[rfk-dev] robotfindskitten 2.0 - New port of rfk to jQuery + hello to rfk-devs!

Steve Pomeroy steve at staticfree.info
Mon Sep 12 12:47:30 PDT 2011

On 09/12/2011 03:08 PM, Star Simpson wrote:

(hi Star!)

>> Also, a way for the user to specify the number of NKIs would be nice.
> True :) - I'd been thinking about this.  I want to avoid doing form 
> requests, and I think javascript prompts are a little tacky, so I'd 
> avoided this until now.
> Can you imagine an elegant way that someone might indicate number of NKIs 
> in the webpage?

By way of the URL in a query string. It doesn't need to be interpreted
by the server; apache will ignore it if serving static files and you can
read it using jquery upon load.

You could use a form to enter it.

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