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Fri Mar 27 06:59:04 PDT 2009

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 11:14 PM, Tim Allen <screwtape at froup.com> wrote:

>  - It's a minor frustration that movement keys don't seem to
> auto-repeat - so handy for crossing the vast inter-NKI distances of
> space.

Yeah, it happened when i switched from keypress to keydown event. In firefox
they keypress is always fired repeatedly while a key is held, and keydown is
fired only once. however some browsers (ie) fire keydown repeatedly while a
key is pressed...
Anyway - its all good now :)

>   - The NKI 'The non-kitten item like this but with "false" and
> "true" switched is true.' has an extra quote and comma at the end.

Fixed! It seems some other nki had an extra quote and comma at the end too.
This is also true for the 'vanilla.nki' file found on Leonards site which
was used to seed the database.

> I'd also like to say that it is heartening to see such a broad array of
> random Unicode glyphs in RFK. :)

I was thinking of expanding further into the unicode set, including for
example some of the arabic alphabet. But that means ill have to be careful
not to choose characters that are wider than others because they would
overlap into the neighbouring field. It seems the monospace rule does not
hold there :). Ill do that when i have a while to browse the character map
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