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Fri Mar 27 06:48:55 PDT 2009

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 12:58 AM, Peter A. H. Peterson <
pedro at tastytronic.net> wrote:

> Second, the status area of the game should be at least two lines deep.

Done, it would be needed for longer messages anyway.

(The POSIX version is three, but that's because an underline is used
> for the bottom line.) In the top left, it should say
> "robotfindskitten" followed by the version number, which has
> historically been: v$MAJOR.$MINOR.$NKI where the major number is the
> major version, the minor number is the minor version number (although
> usually ridiculously long (see screenshot), and $NKI is the number of
> NKI in the pool (not on screen).

I was thinking about this, but honestly i feel it just takes up a line on
the status bar. Ill add $NKI to the initial screen however :)

> Then, after the animation of robot and kitten, it's supposed to have a
> red "Heart" suit character. I notice that your character set has card
> suits, so it should be doable. The "HEART" was taken out of the POSIX
> version because of character set issues... I guess that's your call.
> Anyway, more importantly, after the animation it's supposed to say,
> "You found kitten! Way to go, robot!"

I admit i didnt bother running the dos version earlier so thats why there
were no hearts. And the message i just missed by accident. Both are now
implemented :)

> Oh yeah... would you be willing to let us post the sourcecode on the
> website, etc.? See the "submit a port" page on the website for all the
> requisite details.

This would require submitting everything, including php scripts and so on.
I have a bad experience with people poking about to find sql injection
exploits so i think ill hold on with that for the time being...
Maybe i could drop all the db related stuff and submit just the 'engine'.

Thanks for the comments :)
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