[rfk-dev] NKI filetype

Thomas Thurman thomas at thurman.org.uk
Thu Aug 20 07:07:13 PDT 2009

There are now versions of robotfindskitten for various mobile devices
(notably Android and Maemo).  I believe it would be a useful enhancement if
these devices were capable of sharing lists of NKIs over Bluetooth.  There
should be some amount of standardisation to allow sharing of NKIs between
robotfindskitten implementations on differing platforms.

Therefore, I propose that:

1) Any file received whose name ends in the four characters ".rfk" is
presumed to be a NKI file.  The canonical name for NKI files is

2) NKI files consist of zero or more NKI descriptions, separated by carriage
returns and/or linefeeds.  There is no header and no magic number.

3) NKI files are formatted in UTF-8.

4) Should a MIME type be needed for NKI files, it should be

5) On receipt of an NKI file, the implementation should compare it with its
own set of NKIs, add any which exist in the incoming NKI file but not in the
current set of NKIs, and discard all duplicates.

6) The implementation may ask the user for confirmation before doing this.
If the file was received over Bluetooth, and if the platform already asks
the user for confirmation before receiving Bluetooth files, this step is

7) If the NKI file was received over Bluetooth, it should then be deleted.
Users should not have to deal directly with NKI files left lying around.

Does anyone have any suggestions or enhancements?

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