[rfk-dev] miscommunication?

Peter A. H. Peterson pedro at tastytronic.net
Tue Oct 18 12:24:46 CDT 2005

I just want to clear up a possible miscommunication on my part -- when
I said that I thought that only developers vote on the POSIX code, I
didn't mean "only POSIX developers" -- although that could have been
one approach, I like to think of all contributing developers on this
list to be a part of the rfk community -- and many of you other
developers are very well versed in POSIX development.

Anyway, I'm not sure that this is why only 5 people voted on the code
change (more likely is that we all have lives apart from finding
kitten in our zen planes), but what struck me was that all 5 people
who voted were listed as POSIX developers and it occurred to me that I
may have been misunderstood. It's also probable that they voted
because they are naturally more invested in the issue.

I don't want to have a revote or anything like that unless people are
actually upset but haven't commented for one reason or another. I
think it's much more likely that I am just being paranoid, but I feel
like I have a duty to you to be straightforward and above the board.

If you are upset, please contact me offlist and I'll try to work it


Peter A. H. Peterson, technician and musician.
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