[rfk-dev] code status

Alexey Toptygin alexeyt at freeshell.org
Thu Oct 13 18:17:21 CDT 2005

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005, Peter A. H. Peterson wrote:

> If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I think this would
> be a good project for me to learn about autoconf with. For that
> matter, if you are uninterested in the Debian work, I am willing to do
> that, too. But if you're just busy, then we can wait on both, as long
> as robotfindskitten isn't going to get kicked out of Debian. Neale?

I'm a Debian user myself, so I'm definitely interested. The problem lies 
in having time to learn autoconf and read the Debian policy and 
developer's manual, etc.

> Personally, I think that it's nice to have some NKI built in. I think
> the SYSTEM_NKI_DIR and ~/.robotfindskitten are awesome enhancements,
> but all the time we were griping for dynamic NKI I don't think we ever
> considered all the ramifications of it. The binary by itself should
> have some useable content. But that's just my opinion.

OK. I'd like to wait for some more feedback on this. The way this was done 
originally (with the hand-tweaked messages.h file) is rather bad IMO, but 
this can be fixed with a propper make+sed recipie.

The only other thing I have against it is that it bloats the binary, and 
makes it impossible to change/remove one of the hardcoded NKIs without a 
recompile, but I guess that's not such a big deal.

Also, I don't think many people will send one-another pre-compiled 
binaries; most will do ./configure && make && make install and/or apt-get 
install robotfindskiten, and we can trivially install NKI files along with 
the binary in both cases (we'll be installing a man page too).


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