[rfk-dev] Review of the new rfk code

Benjamin Molitor b.molitor at gmx.net
Wed Oct 12 14:11:53 CDT 2005

mathys66 at bluewin.ch wrote:
> There should definitely be the option to have the NKI messages embedded into
> the executable. The most important reason for that I can think of is when
> you're porting to platforms where nothing like a file system is available(consoles
> etc.)

My sentiments exactly. Ideally (from a console point of view), the 
"vanilla" NKI would remain in the sourcecode, where they would also be 
kept up to date. That way, ports could still simply include messages.h 
and have a current version. The user should, however, be able to include 
his own NKI as a file.

> And I still think the game logic should be separated from input/output code,
> for the same reason.

I don't know how many of the ports depend on the game code. Most of them 
probably just include messages.h and nothing else, as most of them 
probably are too specialized to simply include the core without 
modifications - so this does not strike me as that important. Then 
again, I'm a guy who quit his tech job to become psychologist, so what 
do I know :-)


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