[rfk-dev] updates

Peter A. H. Peterson pedro at tastytronic.net
Fri Aug 26 14:10:31 CDT 2005

Quoting Alexey Toptygin:
> D'oh! I forgot to mention that NKIs are now read from files, so you need 
> to install them in the propper places, or rfk won't have any NKIs 
> available. NKI files are searched for in SYSTEM_NKI_DIR (#defined in 
> config.h, /usr/share/games/robotfindskitten by default) and in 
> ~/.robotfindskitten/. The NKIs from robotfindskitten-v1.4142135.406 are in 
> nki/vanilla.nki in the sources.
> I'll update the README and reupload to avoid further confusion.


> Incidentally, what's the preferred name for the program (and associated 
> directories), robotfindskitten or rfk? I personally like rfk better, due 
> to brevity, so I was thinking of renaming the NKI dirs to 
> $PREFIX/share/games/rfk and ~/.rfk/ for consistency. Comments?

I personally prefer robotfindskitten -- tab completion removes the
brevity advantage. But I think that others should weigh in on this. It
also makes the directories match the debian package name (which I also
think should remain 'robotfindskitten'). 

'robotfindskitten' is the entire zen concept of the game; something
which rfk (although a good abbreviation and one that I use) doesn't
communicate at all. 'robotfindskitten' is also a funnier pathname.
Still, it's not a hill I would die on if everyone else thinks

I also think that while it's great that you were so ambitious as to
rewrite the code, we need to have some of the C hackers here look the
new code over before the Consortium decides to start working from the
new codebase and essentially ditch the old one. One immediate problem
is that the PalmOS port used to build from the POSIX tarball... we
could make the PalmOS port use the old code, etc... but there are some
things to consider before we just forge on with the new code.

I am not a C hacker so I'm not really qualified to judge.

I'd like to invite other people to respond.


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