[rfk-dev] [teleute@vex.net: Port to the Empty Pop Can platform]

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Fri Jul 25 11:09:28 EDT 2003

On 24 Jul 2003, "Peter A. Peterson II" <pedro at tastytronic.net> wrote:

> I noticed you had lost the copy of the Empty Pop Can port for RFK. I have
> ported RFK to the Empty Pop Can platform once again, for archival
> purposes. Included is a link to an image of RFK running on an empty can of
> Coke. I'm in the process of porting it to a Pepsi can, as well, but their
> proprietary encryption is making it difficult.
> http://www.vex.net/~teleute/images/RFKPopCan.jpg

How did they empty the can without opening the top?  

This is not kitten.

ps: Congrats!

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