[rfk-dev] Re: robotfindskitten3d

Jeremy Penner jeremypenner@shaw.ca
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 21:12:09 -0600

> Hi Jeremy Penner, on the subject of Re: [rfk-dev] Re: robotfindskitten3d, you
> said:
> > I decided to start porting it to GLUT instead of going to class this 
> > afternoon, and it's almost done -- I just have to rewrite the texture-
> > loading routine.  Then it should run basically anywhere (except QNX, 
> > sadly -- an SDL port might also be in order!), and conquer the world 
> > with an iron fist.
> AFAIK all you have to do to the texture loader to make it portable is rip the
> bitmap header structures out of the windows include files. (i could be wrong,
> though..)

Me = dumb and sent this to just Peter instead of the list.  I'll 
never get used to this lack of reply-to headers.  Never!

Anyway, in addition to requiring the structures from windows.h, fread-
ing binary structures is not at all endian-safe, so I'll be rewriting 
it with that in mind, as well.

Keep watching.  Be on the lookout.  Stay vigilant!  kitten is half 
the battle.  (The other half is robot.  The third half is finding.)

-- Jeremy

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