[rfk-dev] Re: rfk3d versioning

Peter Gordon pete@shagged.org
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 19:00:55 +0000

Hi Peter A. Peterson II, on the subject of Re: [rfk-dev] rfk3d versioning, you

> rfk3d looks great! I still think that if rfk transitions to the 3d
> realm, the zen plane should be a zen cube with nki scattered within
> the cube, but maybe that will just have to be hacked in the future, if
> you don't want to do that, Peter. I don't say that to be a nag, but it
> would be so cool to zoom around in 3d space looking for the right NKI.

Well, all the best games have sequals you know! Maybe zen simulations should,
to. I think once rfk3d reaches a point where everyone is happy with it, we
could move on to rfk3d II: the return! which could be actually 3d, rather
than a 3d representation of a 2 dimensional concept.

> With shadows! And explosions!

Well, those could be hacked onto this version...

Cheery bye,