[rfk-dev] porters

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 20:45:44 -0600

Ok, so the official list of porters is, Bridget Spitznagle, drwiii,
Jeremy Penner, Dave Griffith, Brian Enigma, Peter Gordon, and Martin

Some of you (the ones I see or talk to on a semi regular basis)
already have "handles" listed on the devteam page, but most of the new
people don't, because I don't know your handles (if you have or use
one). Please send them to me if you want me to list them, otherwise
I'll just put your name.

Also, do you want your name to link to a website? And email address?
Handle link to email and name link to website?

Please let me know. As far as I'm concerned you might as well post to
the list, just for posterity, but if you want to mail me offlist, feel

Everyone is welcome to take a look at the new site if you haven't:


It's the same idea, but cleaned up a bit, and written more to look
like a game of rfk, so to speak. I also let go of the "only old school
HTML colors" motif and spiced it up a bit. Please let me know what you


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