[rfk-dev] new rfk for Inform release

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Sat, 1 Feb 2003 01:29:36 -0600

Quoting Dave:
> Given the new POSIX release, I thought I'd pull those new NKIs together
> with some other enhancements to make a new release of the Inform edition
> of rfk.

Cool. Can you include a differential list of your nki? Did we ever
resolve anything regarding nki licensing?

> Release 4 / Serial Number 03xxxx 
> Light overhaul release.
> - Now an official port of robotfindskitten.
> - Typos in NKIs fixed.
> - Added color support.
> - Added an easter egg.  Can you find it?
> - Removed PalmOS movement key support (superfluous and ugly).
> - Removed playfield resizing code (superfluous and ugly).
> - It's "robotfindskitten", not "Robot Finds Kitten".
> - Merged in new NKIs from the new POSIX release of robotfindskitten.
> - More NKIs added (561 total).
> Anything else I might have missed?

I can't think of anything! That's great. Is there a new tarball? I
didn't see one on your site. When we get CVS all sorted, I'd like to
find a way to let developers upload the current versions of their own
packages to their corresponding directory on rfk.org.


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