[rfk-dev] [rdl@panix.com: Can I use your screen shots for a review?]

Peter A. Peterson II pedro at tastytronic.net
Fri Aug 22 14:25:14 CDT 2003

I sent him our blessings.

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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 14:15:31 -0400
From: Rick Le Mon <rdl at panix.com>
Subject: Can I use your screen shots for a review?
Reply-To: rdl at panix.com


Am I by chance writing to either the robot or the kitten?  If so, wow,
I'm like a huge fan of yours!

Have you guys thought of doing a t-shirt through cafepress or something
similar?  I'd buy one.

Anyway, I am starting a review site dedicated to the unusual, odd, or
otherwise strikes my fancy.  One of my first reviews (I'm writing and
revising at this moment, well a moment ago, now I'm writing to you.)
will be of rfk.

Since I use the Palm version, that is what I'm basing my review upon.
In order to save me the hassle of installing POSE so I can get screenshots,
I was wondering if you'd have any objections to using yours.

If you are interested, I'll send you the URL to the review as soon as
my site goes live.


Rick Le Mon rdl at panix.com
My parents went to a planet where the dominant lifeform had no bilateral
symmetry, and all I got was this stupid F-Shirt.

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