[rfk-dev] Re: Announcing a new RFK port

Peter A. Peterson II pedro at tastytronic.net
Fri Aug 15 19:18:20 CDT 2003

Great news! I'll forward it to the rfk-dev list. In the meantime, I
suggest you subscribe and say hello!




Quoting Darkhorse:
> Hi there!
> I thought I'd let you know that working under the terms of the GPL I've 
> managed to churn out another port of the wonderful robotfindskitten. It's 
> written completely in PHP and should be playable in most web browsers 
> including text based ones, so long as they support HTML forms.
> It's not really been announced anywhere except my website changelog (which 
> is unlikely to give it too much exposure!), but if you'd like to add it to 
> the list of ports, or alternatively just have a quick look yourself, 
> you're welcome to:
> http://winterwolf.co.uk/robotfindskitten
> Thanks for your time, and thanks for such a great game!
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