[rfk-dev] Announcement of a new 2d RFK project.

Matt DeMoss mdemoss@uark.edu
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 00:37:58 -0500

I'd like to announce that I am working on another version of RFK.

It will be another 2d incarnation, I'll be using the Allegro library. 
Allegro should make porting easy. I'm making this version to introduce a 
few new features I have in mind. Most importantly, I plan to allow for 
fields of play larger than the screen. I'll be implementing some sort of 
smooth scrolling to allow for this. Also, I'd like to throw a 
text-to-speech engine in there to say NKI text aloud. I'm also 
considering other ways to get sound into the game. As for the play area 
being larger than the screen, I plan to make the size of that area and 
the number of NKIs selectable by the user. Hopefully I will be able to 
accomodate gigantic kitten seeking expeditions on very large play 
fields. Perhaps the ability to save the player's progress will be 
needed. I liked the way the 3d RFK played, and I think I want to bring 
some of that into a 2d version.

Anyway, I've started on it, and I think I'll finish sometime this 
summer, finals week is fast approaching, after all.