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Subject: RFK for Mac OS X
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Hullo.  Recently downloaded the source to robotfindskitten that was 
supposed to compile in a POSIX environment.  First, it doesn't 
recognize the powerpc-apple-darwin6.2 as a valid host, but that's 
beside the point -- ppc-apple-macosx works just as well.  However, I 
felt you should know that a great many characters refuse to display 
properly on the Mac OS X terminal, and that is a problem.  So, I 
doctored robotfindskitten.c a bit in such a way that it now only 
displays a certain set of 50 characters that the terminal will display 
properly.  If you're interested in this, let me know; alternatively, 
I'm thinking of making it a fink package 
(http://fink.sourceforge.net/); if you have any objections, do let me 

Thanks so much.  I really did need a Zen exercise of some kind.  :)

Phil Ulrich

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