[rfk-dev] More 6502 RFK wackiness!

jeremypenner@shaw.ca jeremypenner@shaw.ca
Thu, 22 Aug 2002 11:19:25 -0500

Greetings once again!
I have found out what address to load cc65 programs at in the 
Apple II, which means, of course, that robotfindskitten: Woz Edition 
is here!

http://www.astra.mb.ca/~jeremy/rfk-apple2.png -- screenshot
http://www.astra.mb.ca/~jeremy/rfk6502.tar.gz -- package of all 
code / disk images

Since the Apple II and C64 versions both come from basically the 
same source, I've done up my package a little more usefully this 
time, with a makefile and a readme and everything!  I've also 
included the messages.h, just so it compiles out of the box.  (I 
also made a subtle change, whereby MESSAGES magically 
updates itself according to the size of the messages array!  Add 
NKIs willy-nilly!)

Anyway, have fun, wear your galoshes, and don't forget to write.
-- Jeremy