[rfk-dev] It's done!

jeremypenner@shaw.ca jeremypenner@shaw.ca
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 23:26:00 -0500

Yes, friends!  I have 
found and crushed all 
the bugs like the tiny, 
insignificant bugs 
they are, and 
robotfindskitten for 
C64 is ready to be 
unleashed on the 
general public!

You can grab the 
piping hot source 
code, along with a 
piping hot disk image, 
at http://
rfkc64.tar.gz .  To 
build, you need cc65 
(found at http://
Use the included 
(ridiculously simple) 
makefile, ensure the 
source files are 
sitting in the same 
directory as 
messages.h, and 
presto!  Instant RFK.

Naturally, as soon as 
I began composing 
this email, my cable 
went out, forcing me 
back to the world of 
dial-up, just so I 
could bring this 
astounding technology 
to you.  (Also, so 
that I could talk to 
my girlfriend, who is 
currently on the 
other side of the 
continent.  But 
mostly the 
thing, really.)

Anyway, have fun 
with it, post it on the 
website, give me CVS 
access, travel back 
in time to do battle 
with my ancestors, 

Now if someone could 
just tell me what 
offset cc65-compiled 
Apple II programs are 
supposed to be loaded 

-- Jeremy