[rfk-dev] Find kitten on old computers lurking in your closet!

jeremypenner@shaw.ca jeremypenner@shaw.ca
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 17:30:57 -0500

> So then, jeremypenner@shaw.ca is all like:
> > The code should also compile for practically any old computer 
> that ran
> > on a 6502, as a matter of fact, so an RFK-Apple II release 
might not
> > be far away.
> Hmm, what do you think about the 6507?  Would the code and 
all the NKI
> fit into 4K?

Nope.  NKIs alone are 12kb, the code is right now at about 8kb.  
(But the code is probably rather fat; it's pretty much the same C, 
but using cc65's conio library.  I'm sure it could be trimmed down 
by rewriting everything in pure assembly.)

And if you're thinking Atari 2600, _maybe_ if you trimmed away a 
bunch of the NKIs, it _might_ approach the realm of possibility, but 
there's no way in hell I'd even think of attempting to do it.  128 bytes 
of RAM, man!  Ye Gods!  What kind of masochist do you take me 
for? =D