[rfk-dev] Re: RobotFindsKitten Java Applet

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 13:58:29 -0500


You might want to sign on to the rfk-dev list and let people know what
you're doing (you'll note that I forwarded this message to the rfk-dev
list). My guess is that we'll want to include your tree once it's all
finished. But make an official post to the list, and we can get your
name up on Sourceforge.


Quoting Brian Enigma:
> Hash: SHA1
>     FYI--I have grabbed the latest CVS snapshot of RFK from SourceForge
> and am playing around with a Java applet version that integrates with a
> messages.h preprocessor (much like the PalmOS preprocessor).  At present,
> it still needs some more work on optimization of the screen refreshes and
> A KITTEN!  (Yes, there is no kitten right now...which in some ways makes
> the simulation even more Zen)  I am still doing development, so there will
> eventually be a kitten and a finishing animation.  Let me know if you
> would like the source code (now or upon completion).  I may also be
> leveraging the same class files to create a local Java (Swing)
> application.
>     I am finding that writing the applet is very relaxing after spending
> long days building nasty, complex Enterprise JavaBeans.
>     http://netninja.com/files/robotfindskitten/
>  -E
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