[rfk-dev] Re: [CrackMonkey] [i0lanthe@yahoo.com: robotfindskitten]

Irish Bastard sneakums@zork.net
21 Feb 2001 09:31:48 +0000

>>>>> "PAP" == Peter A Peterson <pedro@flynn.zork.net> writes:

    PAP> For that matter, if anyone uses other systems (PH-UX,
    PAP> Slowaris, etc.)  they are invited to download the POSIX
    PAP> source and try to build it and either let me know personally
    PAP> or sub to the rfk-dev list at robotfindskitten.org. You will
    PAP> need ncurses.

I'm about to try a build on Slowaris 7.  It's worth noting that if
someone has GNU make but not Sun's make, that the make executeable may
be called "gmake".  It'd be nice if configure could check for gmake.

I also came across the "where is ncurses" issue, but I see that's
already been dealt with.  ncurses is building now, slowly.

Starving artists queue here.