[rfk-dev] configure not catching lack of ncurses -- also an OLD tarball...

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@flynn.zork.net
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 01:52:11 -0600

I put the tarball from the monkeymaster autoconf remix on a link from
the website today -- it's also the active release at sourceforge. But it
doesn't have the autoconf.sh, nor does ./configure notice if you have a
working ncurses installation (and it's a .201b release). Nick, could you 
put together an appropriate tarball for 241b? We can make that the main
release as well as the link on the main page. 

Perhaps we can have Orion make a .deb as well.


Here is the obligatory #robotfindskitten log:

<scipient> make failed for me
(pedro) for robotfindskitten?
<scipient> after grabbing the source tarball
<scipient> pedro: yes
(pedro) what did it say?
<scipient> this is the relevant part:
<scipient> make[2]: Entering directory
<scipient> gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I..     -g -O2 -c
<scipient> In file included from robotfindskitten.c:114:
<scipient> draw.h:7: arguments given to macro `attr_get'
<scipient> make[2]: *** [robotfindskitten.o] Error 1
<@Zen> ./autogen.sh
<@Zen> Configure
<@Zen> make
(pedro) he's right
(pedro) there's no autogen.sh
(pedro) zen, did I put the wrong tarball on robotfindskitten.org?
(pedro) scipient, you did configure and then make?
<scipient> pedro: yes
(pedro) scipient, what distro are you using?
(pedro) do you have ncurses installed?
(pedro) scipient, i didn't have any errors
(pedro) zen, oyyy this is the 201 remix
<scipient> pedro: debian woody (testing)    gcc 2.95.3
(pedro) we have way more nki
(pedro) scipient, hmmm
(pedro) hmmm
(pedro) it worked again
(pedro) scipient, you need libncurses installed
(pedro) "in file included... draw.h"
(pedro) it's trying to access the ncurses routines
(pedro) hang on
<scipient> i have libncurses4-dev
<scipient> do i need libncurses5-dev ?
(pedro) try yeah
(pedro) libncurses5-dev
(pedro) exactly
<scipient> should the configure script catch that?
(pedro) probably
(pedro) i shall post to the rfk-dev list immediately