[pedro@flynn.zork.net: Re: [rfk-dev] rfk-palm is great!]

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@flynn.zork.net
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:35:39 -0600

Quoting B Spitznagel:
> --- "Peter A. Peterson II" <pedro@flynn.zork.net> wrote:
> > Ok. I'll get you set up, probably tomorrow, on sourceforge, in the
> > developers group and with some place (i'll have to figure out the best
> > way) for the rfk-palm stuff. And, we should find a way to merge the cvs
> > somehow, at least so that we can share the nki list (if that's
> > possible). It'd be great to have a make.i386 or make.palm for different
> > platforms. 

Ok. I added i0lanthe to the developers on rfk, I added PalmOS to the
supported platforms list, and I separated Code into Code-POSIX and
Code-PalmOS, so that there can be tasks under each category (since
there's such a different source and problems.)

I don't really understand CVS well enough to say what should be done
code-wise. Bridget, maybe if we had a copy in CVS, we can figure out the
best way to organize the code and packages. 

I would personally like to have at least the Palm binary up on
sourceforge -- but I don't want to do that until we have the source
available as well.


PS: Bridget: we (everyone minus leonard) hang out on #tron and
#robotfindskitten on us.slashnet.org.