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From: B Spitznagel <i0lanthe@yahoo.com>
Subject: robotfindskitten
To: unclepedro@users.sourceforge.net, monkeymaster@users.sourceforge.net

Greetings, o non-Leonard admins (for I have already conversed with Leonard),

I have ported robotfindskitten to the PalmOS in order to provide the world
with (a) pocket-sized robot-finding-kitten goodness and (b) a sort of highly
evolved "hello world" for the bemusement of fledgling linux-based PalmOS
programmers.  Well, really I did it because a friend dared me to, but that's
not what I'm here to talk about.

It seems like the most sensible place to provide (a) and (b) [that is, the
executable and source for the PalmOS port] at would be the robotfindskitten
project (maybe as a separate package since the source code and build process
(well, the makefile) is rather different), subject to your approval.  Let me
know what you think of this general idea and we can work out details or
alternatives.  (I have screenshots so you don't need to be able to run the
executable to see what it looks like.)

Bridget Spitznagel
i0lanthe@yahoo.com == i0lanthe at users.sourceforge.net

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