[rfk-dev] [zackw@stanford.edu: nki: nethack references]

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Sat, 11 Aug 2001 10:40:38 -0500

The nki flood continues.

How are the different versions of nki-getting routines going to affect
ports like PalmOS?

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  "A gravestone stands here.  \"Izchak Miller, ascended.\"",
  "Someone has written \"ad aerarium\" on the ground here.",
  "A large blue eye floats in midair.",
  "This appears to be a statue of Perseus.",
  "There is an opulent throne here.",
  "It's a squad of Keystone Kops.",
  "This seems to be junk mail addressed to the finder of the Eye of Larn.",
  "A wondrous and intricate golden amulet.  Too bad you have no neck.",
  "The swampy ground around you seems to stink with disease.",
  "An animate blob of acid.  Being metallic, you keep well away.",


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