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Some of these may need to be edited or maybe snipped. But there are
some real gems in here. My feeling, however is that we should stop
_The Matrix_ references here at the source, although this seems to
be a sarcastic joke, so I don't know. Also I don't know if robot *has*
a 2ndary objective, but we should decide now, because one of these nki
has the power to change rfk canon.

Leonard -- does robot have a 2ndary objective? Secondary objectives
don't seem very zen to me.


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I was struck by how non-kitten orientated the robot's responses (narrations?) 
were. Surely with findkitten being its only purpose, it'd have more of a 
kitten-centric worldview?

These all should be less than 80 char. No promises about spelling or grammer, 

"It's Knuth's Art of Programming with the chapter on kitten-search algorithms 
torn out.",
"A crowd of people, and at the center, a popular misconception.",
"It's a blind man. When you touch, he exclaims \"It's a kitten prospecting 
"There are two cats here. They're fixed unfortunately.",
"It's a lost wallet. It's owner didn't have pets, so you discard it.",
"This place is called Antarctica. There are no kittens here.",
"It's an immensely fat man, wearing only a G-string. He could house many 
"\"Red pill, or Blue pill?\" Morpheus asks. You take red, and save blue for 
"It's a mousetrap, baited with soap.",
"This is a parking meter. As per your secondary objective, you give it a good 

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