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"A card sharp sits here, practicing his Faro shuffle.  He ignores you.",
"A copy of DeCSS.  They're a dime a dozen these days.",
"A demonic voice proclaims \"There is no kitten, only Zuul\".  You flee.",
"A lotus.  You make an interesting pair.",
"A milk carton, with a black and white picture of kitten on the side.",
"Any ordinary robot could see from a mile away that this wasn't kitten.",
"A stegosaurus, escaped from the stegosaurusfindsrobot game.  It finds you.",
"Baling wire and chewing gum.",
"Chewing gum and baling wire.",
"Here is no kitten but only rock, rock and no kitten and the sandy road.",
"Hey, I bet you thought this was kitten.",
"It is an ancient mariner, and he stoppeth one of three.",
"It pleases you to be kind to what appears to be kitten -- but it's not!",
"It's a blatant plug for Ogg Vorbis, http://www.vorbis.com/",
"It's a business plan for a new startup, kitten.net.",
"It's a revised business plan for a new startup, my.kitten.net.",
"It's a square.",
"It seems to be a copy of \"A Tail of Two Kitties\".",
"It's the Donation of Constantine!",
"It's this message, nothing more.",
"Lysine, an essential amino acid.  Well, maybe not for robots.",
"No kitten here.",
"The score for a Czech composer's \"Kitten-Finding Symphony in C\".",
"This looks like Bradley's \"Appearance and Reality\", but it's really not.",
"This non-kitten item no verb.",
"You feel strangely unfulfilled.",
"You hit the non-kitten item.  The non-kitten item fails to yowl.",
"You suddenly yearn for your distant homeland.",
"You've found the snows of yesteryear!  So that's where they all went to.",

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