it's a tuesday night (and not a damn thing funny) i(which is to say, jake)'m sitting at home, diddling around on la komputilo, probably playing missile command, when who should call me up, but pulda.
"hey, jake, this is your old friend dr. pulda." yada yada yoda adobe... skip to the point.
he tells me he's seen my webpage (which is to say, the very same you're reading, unless i've been pull-quoted again) reviewed. in paper. but he won't tell me where.
immediately i call up uncle nigh, and immediately we decide to race off to the mall and look through all the computer mags, immediately. we aim for the newer, 'trendier' publications, or rather, those which would assume such trendiness, knowing pulda (although he is second cousin to henry winkler, tv's 'the fonz') has nary a trendy cell in his body. the second magazine we picked up, 'internet underground #7,' turned out to be just the tripe for which we were searching. on the very last page, we saw this:

CRUPPER SCUPPER SUPPER UPPER and the FLUPPERDUPPER MALEAORA page<br><br>An unknown college garage bandwith some of the worst artwork online. Why would over 100,000 people come to visit? A sub-page explains the all-too common reason why: 'you see, this page used to be linked up to an introductory page. blue text on a blue background, it listed every obscenity we could think up, as well as various other topics. this meant that anyone searching for pornography...'

i don't need to tell you i almost threw up. not only did they mention us, but they quoted me, and pulled a graphic. eepa! i ran around the store, skipping and jumping, reading aloud. we purchased four copies. when we were at the counter, one of the salesladies turned to me and said, "do you mind? we're trying to have a conversation."
"i just made paper. that is a big deal, and worthy of such hoopla," or simply "who made paper?" is what i should have said, but in all honesty, i was too busy rejamesjoycing to come up with such an elegant retort.
back to the cruppage so me and nigh went for some ice cream.
check out the page the article references
internet underground #7