this page used to run at over 10,000 hits a day. now, I'm lucky if i get 10. i used to get 8 emails a day regarding the page. now, i'm lucky if i get one a week. i used to be somebody...



you see, this page used to be linked up to an introductory page. blue text on a blue background, it listed every obscenity we could think up, as well as various other topics. this meant that anybody searching for pornography (a recent poll of search engines found that 20% of all searches are for pornography) found us. anyone searching for "madonna," "foreign policy," or "dunkin' donuts," found us. you see, we were real pests. not unlike young wesley on "mr. belvedere." all of this eventually lead up to our recieving 19,000 hits a day, 10% of all the activity of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the college nick attends, through which we get our space. so, they booted us like so much cryptosporidium. well, actually, we still have the page, obviously, but they made us remove the intro. well, it was fun while it lasted. looks like i'm going to have to find a better way to be famous.

thank you for your words of sneering derision


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