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BUGS updates from ESR.

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From: "Eric S. Raymond" <esr at thyrsus.com>
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Subject: The robotfindskitten BUGS file
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 04:34:00 -0400 (EDT)

>Current bugs:
>When you hit the escape key, it takes about a second to register. Why?
>	From the getch man page (Shazdeh <zen at emgnulation.org>):
>       Use of the escape key by a programmer for a single charac-
>       ter function is discouraged, as it will cause a	delay  of
>       up to one second while the keypad code looks for a follow-
>       ing function-key sequence.

This diagnosis is correct.  

>	Also, you can now use Q to exit the simulation.

I recommend removing the ESC binding.  Ctrl-C works fine.

>ncurses doesn't cooperate with characters less than '!'. It displays
>them as, eg ^A for what should by rights be a little smiley
>face. draw.h uses the A_ALTCHARSET flag. It doesn't work.

A_ALTCHARSET is not expected to work on random control characters.
This is not an implementation bug, it is due to a mismatch between the
VT100-derived model of curses special characters and the way graphics
outside the ASCII printable range work on a PC.

>Occasionally, there are redraw errors.  Any ncurses gurus out there who can
>clear this up?
>	There's a chance that when I fixed the problem with noecho, it
>	fixed this as well, but it hasn't been tested.
>			- Shazdeh <zen at emgnulation.org>

I am an ncurses guru. I am not seeing redraw errors, and I see nothing
in the present code that I would expect to produce them.  I believe
this bug is fixed.

>Possible Improvements:
>The code generally needs to be cleaned up.

I have done so with the patch set I just submitted. With these changes
the code is now fully ANSI-conformant, using bools and modern prototypes.

>Although the code should compile on anything that has ncurses, the
>special character set used probably won't be handled correctly on
>anything but Linux/Intel.

That is correct.

>                            Have an option to stick to standard ASCII.
>[currently robotfindskitten is only standard ASCII.]

I'm a former nethack dev and maintainer of a couple of other games in the
same retro style as rfk (notaby bs, galaxy, and greed). In my opinion
it is (a) good retro style to use the forms-drawing characters, which 
curses knows about and are available on all modern software terminal
emulators, and (b) good retro style to otherwise stick to ASCII.

Given my druthers, I'd forms-box the playing field but forgo all 
other attempts to use non-ASCII graphics.

>I think the list of messages should be in a text file which is read in
>at runtime, so that people can easily change the messages.

I agree and am willing to write this patch.

>The screen array is bigger than it needs to be. It probably shouldn't
>be an array at all, actually, since at most 1/8 of the entries are
>full. It should be a hash or something.

I disagree.  This change would economize on an amount of memory that
is *tiny* on modern machines, at the cost of increasing code
complexity significantly.  That would be a bad tradeoff; I think
the present brutally simple implementation is exactly right.
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