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Steve Pomeroy steve at staticfree.info
Mon Nov 19 11:38:04 PST 2012

On 2012-11-19 13:58, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Peter A. H. Peterson <pedro at tastytronic.net>:
>> I would if I could, but I can't since I don't have an Android device
>> so -- regrettably -- I won't.

You're missing out on an exciting RFK experience! Next time you happen
to wander through a BestBuy or similar, you can try it out on their demo
machines (once I publish the updated version, that is). And maybe leave
an icon for it on the desktop...

> My wife has a Nexus 7 and would love to try this out.  What is the
> download and installation procedure?

First, ensure that the app can be installed by going to the Android
Settings → Security → Device Administration and checking Unknown
sources. This lets you install downloaded APK files and is generally
safe provided you trust the APK source. You will always be prompted
before an app gets installed and it will warn you about permissions, you
just won't be restricted to only downloading apps from Google Play.

Then, the easiest way is to open the following link on the device (I
usually just open the email on the device, but it doesn't matter how it
gets there):


This will download the app's apk file (essentially a signed zip file
containing all the compiled classes, resources, metadata, etc.) which
you can then click on to install. If for some reason you lose it in the
notification bar, just go to Applications → Downloads and you'll find it

> Does it use the new master list of NKIs?

Indeed. It still has that new-car smell, too.

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