[rfk-dev] Mayan Apocalypse Edition, Android port

Steve Pomeroy steve at staticfree.info
Fri Dec 21 11:07:52 PST 2012

On 2012-12-19 11:29, Leonard Richardson wrote:
> I went through the revised NKI list one more time, alphabetized it,
> and committed:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/rfk/git/ci/63ca7f2fb7d421e0a5b7fb53a740a328cc2fb2c2/
> Leonard

Awesome. I've taken this list and put it in the revised Android version.
This is essentially the same as the one I released earlier, but with the
new list and some packaging tweaks.

I've published it and it's now available on Google Play as well as in
git at its usual location.

I've also done some minor updates to the app icon. I noticed that Eric
(I believe) has used the icon of the Android version for the Sourceforge
project page, so you may want to update to the revised icon. It looks a
bit crisper and uses a higher-resolution copy of the source art. There's
a now-working SVG version in artwork/ if you wish to render it to
arbitrary sizes. All that's available here:
https://staticfree.info/git/robotfindskitten.git (sorry about the SSL error)

Steve Pomeroy

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