[rfk-dev] robotfindskitten - web version

Lajcik lighteater at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 12:46:15 PDT 2009

Hello again,

I actually got quite a kick into this and managed to put together a 'mostly
final' version in the few evenings this week :) You can check it out at
http://robotfindskittenonline.org/ :)

Id like to apologize for borrowing the logo without asking first, but as i
started to give the site some shape i decided that i can never come up with
anything as good and charming. I meant to ask but i sorta finished sooner
than i expected. If you prefer i didnt just tell me, ill remove it

I only tested this in firefox 3 and safari 3, and it doesnt work in safari
yet, the keyhandler doesnt seem to work, ive read its an issue with this
family of browsers :/ ill be doing some more extensive browser testing and
fixing in the days to come, but if you can lend a hand (for example by
confirming it worked or not in the browser youre using) ill be gratefull.

Other than that - i have to come up with some sort of approval panel since
atm im doing it via phpmyadmin.

If theres anything you feel i should have included or done differently -
please tell me.

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