[rfk-dev] robot and the kitten and the bucka... whacka...

Peter A. H. Peterson pedro at tastytronic.net
Wed Mar 26 00:21:25 PDT 2008

Quoting Peter A. H. Peterson:
> Actually, something I'd like to do starting next year is give multiple
> people edit rights to the rfk website and rfk-owner address.

Ok, so I've made some minor edits to the site; adding a new news item
and placeholders for the TI and Rockbox ports. At some point in the
future I'll reorganize some of the files, and clean things up, but
it's OK for now.

Regarding multiple edit access; if you have shell access on
tastytronic.net and are involved with rfk, you should now be part of
the rfk group and can edit the files for the site. They are all in:


and you'd primarily be interested in editing news.rfk and
software.rfk, but you get the idea in general. Due to the older
version of ASCIIweb that is running there right now, you have to keep
the actual column width of text below ~42 characters (not counting
markup). There is a newer version of aw that does linewrapping for
situations just like this, but I can't bring it up to date right now;
too many other things I have to take care of right now.

(SO I guess basically, you have edit rights if need be, but it's
probably still easier for me to take care of it.)


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