[rfk-dev] robotfindskitten... updates? huh?

Ryan Finnie ryan at finnie.org
Tue Nov 27 12:23:22 PST 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished members of Tastytronic Industries
and the 242nd IHOP combat battalion, and some guy named Dave...  I
wish to update robotfindskitten.  Gasp!  As the Debian maintainer,
I've got some changes that would make my life easier (and presumably
the lives of other package maintainers out there).  Nothing

* The automake/autoconf magic smoke in v1.4142135.406 is almost gone,
and as a result I'm seeing build errors on a few Debian arches that
already have a newer automake installed during package compiling.  The
build system would be updated with libtool 1.5, autoconfig 2.61, and
automake 1.10.
* Rename the tarball and directory name to
"robotfindskitten-1.$NEWVERSION.406.tar.gz" instead of
"robotfindskitten-v1.$NEWVERSION.406.tar.gz".  The "v" is one of those
minor annoyances that requires a small alteration during packaging.
The legendary "v" would remain in-game and in documentation, of
* Add a minimal robotfindskitten.6 manpage saying, "check out the info
doc, yo".  I took the generic Debian one that nick moffitt put in the
Debian package years ago and made it less Debian-specific.
* And most importantly: Remove the debian/ directory.  Since
maintainers frequently have to diverge from "upstream", it is not
recommended that upstream software releases include a debian/

OK, all of this is done already, and was rather easy.  My questions are:

1) Does anyone have a problem with any of this?  The most controversy
I can think of is renaming the tarball.
2) I have a feeling I'm going to feel dumb about this...  Now, the
"406" in the version is the number of NKIs in the release, but does
"1.4142135" have any special significance?  What should a new version
be numbered?


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