[rfk-dev] an update

Alexey Toptygin alexeyt at freeshell.org
Mon Jun 12 11:24:44 PDT 2006

On Mon, 12 Jun 2006, Neale Pickett wrote:

> That sounds fine to me.  I don't know what good I'd be as a mentor, though.  I
> don't even know how to make a debian package anymore (other than typing "make
> debian/rules").  But I'll help if I can.

As far as I understand the beureaucratic requirements, that's not a 
problem. What counts for the purposes of application is that I have a 
mentor and that I'm actively contributing. I'm at a loss as to what counts 
as actively contributing though, since I can't upload until I'm a 
developer and existing maintainers are unlikely to upload packages 
prepared by me (except by prior agreement like we have here). Perhaps 
doing anything that gets one listed in the changelog is enough? What did 
you have to do when you were applying?

Without paperwork you are an insect; with paperwork you are a man.
-Russian rhyming proverb

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