[rfk-dev] an update

Alexey Toptygin alexeyt at freeshell.org
Mon Jun 12 05:23:26 PDT 2006

OK, I'm way overdue for an update. So far I've read most of the Debian 
developer's documentation (damn, thare's a lot of it), and I've practiced 
packaging with a dummy package. There are, however, the following 

1) the new maintainer process takes an average of >500 days according to 
the official statistics

2) the very first step of the new maintainer application wants me to 
assert that I've prepared a package for upload before

Also, I'll need an advocate/mentor who is already a Debian maintainer 
before I can apply; hopefully Neale can do that.

So, currently, I'm getting rfk autoconfiscated and packaged, and at the 
same time trying to get my GPG key signed. When the package is done and 
Neale uploads it, and I'll have all the prerequisites for applying for 
maintainerdom, and than I wait :-) In the meanwhile, I'll handle package 
updates as necessary. Sounds good?


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